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Jasey 21/09/2023
Long Lateral Poddy - It's More About What's Here

Long Lateral Poddy - It's More About What's Here Catching up with Lama Lama, for those who aren't yet familiar, is an Australian OG. Lamaroc aka Boogalama is an Aussie-born, Filipino dancer who has competed and judged at various locally and internationally hip-hop dance competitions. As an artist, his work explores the questions of complex identity, spiritual connection and the true self. Our conversation spanned over 2.5 hours through plethora of topics. Here's a small snippet from the conversation with a perspective about how we can be better. Dive Deeper For those keen to continue the journey, the...

Jasey 16/11/2021
Intro To House

Intro To House

This workshop is part of the FOUNDATIONS dance & knowledge workshop series at Crossover Dance Studio. FOUNDATIONS aims to facilitate students' knowledge of the history, culture and community aspect of a dance style in addition to the teaching of dance technique and foundation. This will be taught over a 3-hour dance workshop that includes time for Q&A, video viewing, and other materials. With the support of City of Sydney, these workshops will be offered for the first time for only $30 with limited spots available. _________________________________ FOUNDATIONS PART 5: Intro...