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Jasey 01/02/2020

People's Potential - Full Video

  The video is out! This was a great experience to work along side my brothers Frankie and Patrick for IndaHouse UK. Enjoy! Frankie J: @thereddreadhousehead  Patrick: @patfong4 Artist: @floatingpoints

Jasey 15/12/2019
Indahouse Collaboration - People's Potential

Indahouse Collaboration - People's Potential

A photoshoot collaboration with Frankie J , Phatrick and Jasey for House Dance collective, InDaHouse London (@indahouseuk) new line of t-shirts. Video teaser posted below, full video to be released early 2020!   About INDAHOUSE Two busy auditions were held in 2007 in a search for 6-8 dancers to represent the INDAHOUSE collective. Clara Bajado is the director, while Lisa Tully was the administration and management side until 2009. New members joined in 2010, 2012 and 2014, the actual active members are Troy Banton (UK), Joel Glafke (UK/Germany), Frankie Johnson (UK), Sayaka Kudo (Japan), Khoudia Toure (Senegal). INDAHOUSE is widely recognised as the pioneer company when…

Jasey 25/11/2019
The Deadlift Journey

The Deadlift Journey

 For a lot of lifters, the mindset of being able to cope with the struggles of life, are often trained in the weights room. Standing in front of adversity after adversity, we prepare for our next biggest challenge ahead of us. Sickness, loss, death. It’s true when they say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. “To me, training has never really been about the muscle size or strength. It’s been my way of dealing with life.” – Dave Tate, elitefts   I was curious. I went back to old training logs to see how much I could pull from…

Jasey 23/11/2019
Freedom Sessions - Featuring Frankie J

Freedom Sessions - Featuring Frankie J

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