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Jasey 09/11/2019
The Roamin' Empire Podcast

The Roamin' Empire Podcast ICYMI; This is a throwback to a feature on The Roamin Podcast on the Cheatcoders Network in 2018, to talk about the experience of living in Japan, understanding connections between different artforms and cultures.  It’s available on apple podcasts and YouTube. Search for “roamin empire” to have a listen on your preferred medium. - Note: I was sick during the time of recording and I sound like I’m dying. I jumble up my speech is a bit over the place. But it SHOULD make sense. Also the sculpture...

Jasey 11/10/2019
Conscious Creatives Podcast Feature

Conscious Creatives Podcast Feature

The following podcast feature was a talk with my friend James Lantry over at Conscious Creatives discussing the move from a corporate life to chasing dreams. Anyone can watch a few motivational videos, and get the inspiration and empowerment to change their lives. We can put this into action in a plan. But have you really understood the end goal, the grit required, and the bumps along the journey?   Conscious Creatives' mission is to guide professionals to unblock, manifest and build their vision. James has personally helped me...