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Jasey 25/04/2020
Training Mix - April 2020

Training Mix - April 2020

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Jasey 02/04/2020
Soulful Sessions - CoFlo

Soulful Sessions - CoFlo Here’s a mix straight from CoFlo himself. Enjoy this journey of soulful tunes! “This is a special live stream mix for the San Francisco based “Soulful Sessions” dance meet up. Where house dancers from primarily the San Francisco and upper East Bay Area, meet weekly on Monday nights to dance and create to house music. Since the corona virus pandemic, they have moved their weekly session to an online meetup.

Jasey 22/03/2020
Artist Spotlight Mix - Miguel Migs

Artist Spotlight Mix - Miguel Migs   Preview of a full mix highlighting Miguel Migs tracks.  If anyone has been taking my dance classes over the years, you know how much I love listening and getting down to Miguel Migs’ stuff. He’s got his formula down strong, makes tune after tune. I wanted to share this with you all to highlight some of his great tracks. If you haven’t listened much to Miguel Migs before, his vibe sits between deep, soulful, funky and sexy.  Enjoy! See the full track listing and for the full 76 minute mix here:

Jasey 19/03/2020
Training Mix - March 2020

Training Mix - March 2020 The last few weeks have been filled with introspection into the state of the world.  In the state of this pandemic, lights are really shone onto areas of life that make you realise how unimportant some things really are. Somehow, I feel the Universe is trying to tell us all something. The message may not be apparent now, but in the near (or far) future – it will come to fruition. One of the messages, that I’ve been reminded of is, how short life, and the importance of being flawed as human.  So after tossing up a number of…

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