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Crossover Dance Studio holds a number of showcase opportunities for teachers to showcase students and other dancers through pieces put together on stage.
The theme of The Crossover - Get Some Props, was to implement a prop to be utilised into the showcase.

Dechen chose a speaker, and we wanted to connect the narrative to how music connects and unites us no matter the location, age, gender, or race.

Creating showcases have always been challenging for me personally, as there is a lot to factor in.

Projects have a lot of moving parts:
Timeframe, student level and commitment, unforeseeable circumstances (we had two injuries which resulted in two students out of the show) to name but a few.
Song selection, quality of production, costume, lighting - and the list goes on.

We are both grateful to have worked with all of the students / participants of Connections.
It was great to be able to spread and connect the culture from househeads to new recruits.

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