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This workshop is part of the FOUNDATIONS dance & knowledge workshop series at Crossover Dance Studio.
FOUNDATIONS aims to facilitate students’ knowledge of the history, culture and community aspect of a dance style in addition to the teaching of dance technique and foundation. This will be taught over a 3-hour dance workshop that includes time for Q&A, video viewing, and other materials. With the support of City of Sydney, these workshops will be offered for the first time for only $30 with limited spots available.


Intro to House Dance: People, Music, Movement
3-hour knowledge & dance workshop
Taught by Jasey

TIME: 7pm-10pm
DATE: Saturday 27th November 2021

This workshop is for anyone looking for a deeper dive into House dance, an understanding of its origins, the music and people involved in the culture. No prior experience is necessary.
House dance (a.k.a Clubbing Freestyle) is a dance that originated in the clubs of New York/Chicago post-disco era. It takes influences from many styles (capoeira, breaking, tap to name a few) House Dance has been popularised by Brian Footwork Green, Ejoe Wilson, Brooklyn Terry Wright, Caleaf Sellers, Marjory Smarth, Jardy Santiago and Mamson and has been featured in documentaries in Maestro, Wreckin Shop: Live from Brooklyn and House of Tres (and many more).


1. Music, People
– Overview of the history of the origins of the dance, the places, and movements that contributed to the creation of House culture.
– Understanding the sound of House and a look into the different genres, sub-genres of House.
– Highlighting important figures in respect of the dance overall and within the local community.

2. Movement
– House grooves, origins of the ‘jack’
– House dance foundations and connections to Hiphop
– Flow and transitions
– Dance drills, steps and games
– Sharing and exchanging, developing and finding your own approach

Please note workshop content is subject to change.
Foundations 3-hour dance workshop.
– $30 per participant, limited spots available.
– No drop-ins will be allowed on the day.
– Participants must be fully vaccinated to attend.
– All COVID-19 safety requirements will be enforced and must be followed.

Register to attend below:
In the event of more interest than spots available, we may take into account your registration answers and experience.

Email us at for any queries or concerns.
Supported by City of Sydney
Crossover Dance Studio is a COVID-safe business.
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