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A big thank you from Dechen and me for everyone involved with the [JADE] 2022 Intensive.

Participants were able to build a relationship to the floor through movement, Capoeira and House dance based exercises, tools and concepts.

As a bonus, we were able to connect the community of experienced and fresh faces in a safe space to nurture and develop the scene further.

We’ve got more events and things coming. If you’d like to keep in the know, DM us to be added to our mailing list! (Or you can just follow us on socials.)


Workshop Information

After our JADE Freestyle Intensive course in 2021, JADE is returning to finish off the year with another workshop. Spanning over a course of 5 hours, JADE will revisit floorwork with foundational aspects to help you build your movement practice and ability to express. In addition, as part of the feedback from our last workshop, we will also be looking at delving back into foundational variations to help you understand and play with your dance.

Over the course of the workshop, there will be small breaks in between to allow you to give your body a rest, take notes and replenish yourself. The venue is located in a residential area, it is recommended that you bring light snacks to provide energy and enough hydration to get you through the day.

This workshop is for beginners as well as dancers that have experience with House and movement practice. We will do our best to cater to beginners if students find aspects of the course difficult. Our goal is to be able to lift everyone up in skill level and connect the community together. We want to ensure that this is a safe, inclusive space and aim to provide a positive experience through this workshop.

Who is [JADE]

The crew JADE consists of Sydney-based dancers and friends – Jasey and Dechen.   Both members share a love of underground music, Hiphop, and House dance culture whilst also exploring other movement practices, such as capoeira and breaking. With a combined dance experience of over 30 years,  they first started collaborating on student showcases in 2018 for Crossover Dance Studio after returning from traveling overseas to New York, Japan, and London .

Their approach to dance is that music comes first. Hip-hop, House, 2-step. If the vibe is right they’ll get down to it!




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