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Just be you:
I held back from posting, thinking that “this isn’t my best set.”
This common thought I pondered on ..this must be one that many artists will repeat to themselves over and over on every attempt we try to develop our skills further. If we dig deeper, we can uncover something lurking beneath. Something that is much bigger than “a set, workout or a piece”. Therein lies transparency, a vulnerability, a flaw. A blemish that shows that we are imperfect to the world.

We have become conditioned to release content on what we deem is above our own standards or is else inadequate. But what does aiming for perfection actually achieve?
Can it create great work ethics? Yes.
Can it help us learn the value of hard work and persistence? Yes.
But more often than not there are other aspects the grow in the shadows and don’t see the light of day.

Despite the on-going self emotional battery and questioning of self-worth we commit to when we do not reach a certain standard, we can create obsessive tendencies that tie our energies to toxic goals. It is crucial to remember that we are never fully finished. Never fully complete. We are constantly in transit, taking pieces of our puzzles and picking up more along the way. Some pieces will fit, some not and others will take some time to figure out how they fit. Being an incomplete picture doesn’t mean we are worth anything less than the bigger picture.
Allow yourselves to be who we are in front of other people and let them in to see your story, no matter how complete or incomplete you are.
It takes strength, courage and bravery to remove our masks of ego as we trudge through shadows of ourselves and faces that look upon us that we believe have an expectation – but sharing ourselves can help others complete their pictures and our own.

Sending love to the brother @theronytay, and all my brothers and sisters worldwide, suffering struggling, growing and flourishing. This journey is yours. Embrace it and enjoy it.
You owe yourself a journey, you owe yourself growth, you owe yourself to the world. And you can have it.
Just. be. you.




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Music and movement lover. Philomath.     Sharing growth, failures, lessons and perspectives through this journey of life. We are destined for greater things.

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