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ICYMI; This is a throwback to a feature on The Roamin Podcast on the Cheatcoders Network in 2018, to talk about the experience of living in Japan, understanding connections between different artforms and cultures.  It’s available on apple podcasts and YouTube.
Search for “roamin empire” to have a listen on your preferred medium.
Note: I was sick during the time of recording and I sound like I’m dying. I jumble up my speech is a bit over the place. But it SHOULD make sense.
Also the sculpture is not reflective of my body composition.

Mentions: @poppinjizzack@entree3000_ , "The War Of Art", "The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind"

About the podcast
Join our host, Don-Doing-Stuff as he talks to worldwide creatives about art, travel, and trying to find the connection between the two.

About the episode
"There is an undeniable connection between movement and art. This is something that dancer and martial artist, JASEY knows very well.
Join our host, Don Doing Stuff as he and JASEY discuss the lifestyle and work ethic of dancers - travelling to different countries to build on their craft."

Note: Due to technical difficulties, the audio cuts out from Don's mic from around 7:31 - 10:57.

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Music and movement lover. Philomath.     Sharing growth, failures, lessons and perspectives through this journey of life. We are destined for greater things.

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