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In collaboration with Krav Maga Self Defence, we will be running a beginner friendly Krav Maga seminar focusing on the basics.

How much life saving self-defence can you learn in 3 hours?

During these 3 hours, we will be taking all participants through basics of Krav Maga, simple and effective self defence for civilians.

Different people have different reasons for training Krav Maga, and here at KMG, students come from different backgrounds, experiences, and fitness levels.

We believe that any person should be able to do self-defense according to his or her physical ability, size, and strength levels. As such, we make our training as accessible, understandable, and meaningful as possible from the start.


Seminar Details


10:00AM – 1:00PM

Krav Maga Self Defence
G15/2A Victoria Avenue Castle Hill NSW 2154


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