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Someone shared The Deeper Shades Of House podcast with me many years ago. At the time, due to the vast amount of mixes and podcasts out there, I admittedly over looked this series.

Like with all podcasts, there can be assumptions that there would be hit and misses with some of the episodes. But I’ve been proven wrong – Lars is a great host in the respect of curating quality tracks, educating listeners and creating a community of house music lovers worldwide. He’s been running the show for over 15 years. What I can say is, I genuinely look forward to these mixes

At the end of each year,  Lars likes to finish of the year with a bang featuring guest DJs. Past guest Djs include Osunlade, Black Coffee, Abicah Soul, Ben Watt, Jimpster, Jus Ed, Kuniyuki Takahashi, Rocco, Soul Clap, Fred Everything, Charles Webster  and many more.

To finish off 2019, the guest mixes include DJ Spinna. (Not shown in this video, listen to the full mix at

Yes, the same DJ Spinna that remixed Stakes is High.


For the Freedom Sessions heads – Yes, the same DJ Spinna that remixed Shaun Escoffery’s Days Like This.

You can check out more episodes of DSOH at

Purchase tracks from the Deeper Shades store here:

I’m sharing this podcast because, it was shared to me, and Lars asked in the mix to share it someone that I may not know, so somehow out there, I hope your first DSOH episode, isn’t your last 😉


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