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Sound Selections 002

This selection contains highlights from Snoop, Mele and DJ Qu.
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Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz - G'd Up (WakeUp Remix)

A nice funky re-take on the 2000 banger, G'd Up.
Snoop Dogg X Butch Cassidy x WakeUp.

Released: 2014
Genre: Hiphop, Rap, G-Funk
Vibe: Funky, West Coast, 
Stream via Soundcloud

Mele - Ambience

One hell of a banger, that has infectious vocals.

Released: 2015
Genre: House
Vibe: Energy, Vocal, Soulful, Anthem
Stream via Soundcloud


DJ QU x DJ David S - Nite Ride

A deep-tech journey through beats and vibes guaranteed to get you groovin'.


Released: 2005
Genre: House
Vibe: Deep, Tech, Catchy
Stream/ purchase viaBandcamp


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