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Sound Selections 005

Three more additions for the head bobbers this week Enjoy.
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Lexus / NegusGoldPhoenix - ITS BEEN A LONG TIME

A deep funk Hiphop vibe from LeXus and NegusGoldPhoenix

Released: 2019
Genre: Hiphop, Funk
Vibe: Downtempo, Headbobber
Purchase/Stream via Bandcamp


Georgy Whistler - One Time

A loungy funk instrumental ready for any party.

Released: 2015
Genre: Hiphop
Vibe: Chillhop, Boombap
Stream via Bandcamp



B o n b o o z e - b a b y d o n t c r y (IfIgotthestilo)

Lo-fi banger ready to drop on the right dance floor.


Released: 2015
Genre: Hiphop
Vibe: Lo-fi
Stream via SoundCloud




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