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As a lover of learning, I think it’s important to share the knowledge that we gain to others – Below is a personally curated list of materials below across a variety of topics.
Whilst the list is not exhaustive, I’ve tried to put a mini summary and/or a quote from the material that I believe may add value or pique your interest to delve in further.


 TitleAuthorGenre / CategorySummary / Comments
The Code of the Extraordinary MindVishen LakhianiPersonal DevelopmentThe book includes methods and ideas to question previous beliefs passed on to you, and how you can go about rewrite and upgrade them for you and your future. It takes a different approach to goal setting. (means goals versus end goals.)

Extraordinary minds do not need to seek validation from outside opinion or through the attainment of goals. Instead, they are truly at peace with themselves and the world around them. They live fearlessly—immune to criticism or praise and fueled by their own inner happiness and self-love
Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds David GogginsPersonal DevelopmentWe are all human. We are all flawed in one way or the other. If you really want to truly be who you are meant to be, you have to face your demons. The challenges in this are great. Just because someone tells you, that some things are impossible, ask yourself…. “But what if….”

What I enjoyed in this audiobook, in particular, was the format of the story itself, followed up with a podcast interview and challenge at the end of every chapter. I think many people can resonate with David Goggins. Maybe not from the perspective of his personal life, but we’ve all faced some sort of setbacks and put in work to dig deep and overcome our limitations.
Make It StickPeter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III, Mark A. McDanielPersonal DevelopmentA little dragged out, but if you can regularly apply the concepts presented in this book, it can help with understanding and retention of material for longer periods of time versus those who may not have considered these techniques. Not ground-breaking material, but definitely effective and useful. I’m still using these techniques to today as part of my learning process. Consider it an upgrade to your current learning processes!
MindsetDr Carol DweckPersonal DevelopmentIt is not uncommon to hear the phrase(s) fixed mindset, and the growth mindset. Can you understand the patterns that trigger one or the other to take over? Tom Bilyeu has said mindset is everything. Like Can’t Hurt Me, this book also contains questions and challenges at the end of each chapter, to help you dig deeper into your mindset and understand yourself on a deeper level.

People may start with different temperaments and different aptitudes, but it is clear that experience, training, and personal effort take them the rest of the way.
elitefts manualsDave Tate and eliteftsTrainingI’m no powerlifter, but listening to Dave Tate give knowledge away selflessly in his table talk podcasts and other interviews over the years as part of his live, learn, pass on motto, I couldn’t help but not support his vision. Purchasing these books, allowed me to give back to Dave to keep planting seeds for future generations to grow. If you love lifting, there are gems of information in these manuals, that you could use to take you to your next PR or check your form.
The E-Myth RevisitedMichael GerberBusinessUnderstand the 3 hats you need to wear when being in a small business, why and how to manage each one.
Feel The Fear ... And Do It AnywaySusan Jeffers, Ph.DPersonal DevelopmentWhen the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

The key takeaway is the title of the book.
The War Of ArtStephen PressfieldPersonal DevelopmentIf you have ever hit struggle street with your art and creativity, there are some messages in here that might hit you quite hard. Some of it may feel all too familiar, but it really lays the cards out on the table. How you play them, is on you.
The Go-GiverBob BurgBusinessIt’s true about everything. Go looking for conflict, and you’ll find it. Go looking for people to take advantage of you, and they generally will. See the world as a dog-eat-dog place, and you’ll always find a bigger dog looking at you as if you’re his next meal. Go looking for the best in people, and you’ll be amazed at how much talent, ingenuity, empathy and goodwill you’ll find. “Ultimately, the world treats you more or less the way you expect to be treated.”
MasteryRobert GreenePersonal Development
The One ThingGary Keller; Jay PapasanPersonal Development"Multitasking is a lie. Researchers estimate we lose 28% of an average workday to multitasking ineffectiveness."

This feels like almost every other motivational book greatest hits compilation. There are touches on Dweck's Mindset; Nir's Indistractable, Greene's Mastery and Pareto's Principle. But there was a simple layout with key takeaways at the end of each chapter and nice visuals to make it an easy read.
The Body Keeps The ScoreBessel van der KolkHealth
Flow: The Psychology of Optimal ExperienceMihaly CsikszentmihalyiPersonal Development
IndistractableNir EyalPersonal Development
Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired To ConnectMatthew D Lieberman.Psychology*Social* focuses on three adaptations our brains have made that lead us to be more connected to the social world and build more cohesive groups and organizations. Connection, mindreading and harmonizing.

This is a dry read, and not geared towards the general public. There's a lot of scientific terminology and experiment information. Reader be warned in advance.
The Untethered SoulMichael Alan SingerPersonal DevelopmentThe Untethered Soul allows readers to review the relationship that they have with themselves, their thoughts and emotions. There are actionable steps to reframe things that we can process negatively, for a better outcome.

Overall this was a favourable read, however, there was a twist of religion at the end which some readers may feel a bit of a detour or shock.

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