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Jasey 03/06/2021
Sound Selections 002

Sound Selections 002

Sound Selections 002 This selection contains highlights from Snoop, Mele and DJ Qu. Find more recommendations and reviews here. Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz - G'd Up (WakeUp Remix) A nice funky re-take on the 2000 banger, G'd Up. Snoop Dogg X Butch Cassidy x WakeUp. Released: 2014 Genre: Hiphop, Rap, G-Funk Vibe: Funky, West Coast,  Stream via Soundcloud Mele - Ambience One hell of a banger, that has infectious vocals. Released: 2015 Genre: House Vibe: Energy, Vocal, Soulful, Anthem Stream via Soundcloud   DJ QU x DJ...