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Crossover - Online Classes

Crossover - Online Classes

Hey everyone! I'm back teaching at my usual time slot on Mondays 6:00 PM online!How it worksYou can join the...

Jasey 06/04/2020
Monday House Beginners - Crossover Dance Studio

Monday House Beginners - Crossover Dance Studio   DJ Able & Mike City | Take For Granted Purchase link: Buy via traxsource Label: Tribe Records Shot: Crossover Dance...

Jasey 30/10/2019
HEBI-Groove - House Dance Sydney

HEBI-Groove - House Dance Sydney   - Dancers - Rodrigo - Teaching at DUTI Shawny - Teaching at Dancekool Jasey - Teaching at Crossover...

Jasey 13/10/2019

ICC Street Classes

ICC Street Classes have recommenced on Mondays from 19:30. Classes are beginner-friendly, provided in a safe space for people to...

Jasey 08/02/2019