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Jasey 06/04/2020
Crossover - Online Classes

Crossover - Online Classes

Hey everyone! I’m back teaching at my usual time slot on Mondays 6:00 PM online!How it worksYou can join the class via the Mind Body application via your smart device.Search “Crossover Dance Studio” and click schedule.Scroll to Mondays, and find the 6:00 PM time slot and click book.You will be…

Jasey 19/03/2020
Training Mix - March 2020

Training Mix - March 2020 The last few weeks have been filled with introspection into the state of the world.  In the state of this pandemic, lights are really shone onto areas of life that make you realise how unimportant some things really are. Somehow, I feel the Universe is trying to tell…

Jasey 26/01/2020
Secret House Society - Mixcloud Minimixes

Secret House Society - Mixcloud Minimixes

The following minimixes were put together a while ago for training purposes. Good music is always better when its shared. Please enjoy these tracks, as some of them are my favourites to listen to. If you enjoy them, please put them on during your training session or share them with…