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Jasey 02/04/2023
[Party] WIP Music x Love Above - Shades

[Party] WIP Music x Love Above - Shades

Incoming Party Notice! Crossposted from: WIP Music is proud to showcase our Melbourne family from Love Above Records, DJ Ingrid & Ryan Berkeley @ Shades Bar Their passion for dance music is evident through intricate DJ sets that span across soul, disco, house, and techno. In 2016, DJ Ingrid & Ryan Berkeley kicked off The Love Above party series to provide a sanctuary for house and disco lovers in Melbourne. They've since evolved into a record label that showcases some of the finest antipodean excursions into house music. With...

Jasey 03/06/2021
Sound Selections 002

Sound Selections 002

Sound Selections 002 This selection contains highlights from Snoop, Mele and DJ Qu. Find more recommendations and reviews here. Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz - G'd Up (WakeUp Remix) A nice funky re-take on the 2000 banger, G'd Up. Snoop Dogg X Butch Cassidy x WakeUp. Released: 2014 Genre: Hiphop, Rap, G-Funk Vibe: Funky, West Coast,  Stream via Soundcloud Mele - Ambience One hell of a banger, that has infectious vocals. Released: 2015 Genre: House Vibe: Energy, Vocal, Soulful, Anthem Stream via Soundcloud   DJ QU x DJ...

Jasey 19/03/2020
Training Mix - March 2020

Training Mix - March 2020 The last few weeks have been filled with introspection into the state of the world.  In the state of this pandemic, lights are really shone onto areas of life that make you realise how unimportant some things really are. Somehow, I feel the Universe is trying to tell us all something. The message may not be apparent now, but in the near (or far) future - it will come to fruition. One of the messages, that I've been reminded of is, how short life, and the importance of being...

Jasey 13/10/2019
HEBI-Groove - House Dance Sydney

HEBI-Groove - House Dance Sydney   - Dancers - Rodrigo - Teaching at DUTI Shawny - Teaching at Dancekool Jasey - Teaching at Crossover Shoko   Videography: Patrick Fong Editing: @superdaddynumber 1 Track: Q-Tip - Work It Out (Disclosure - Booty Call Edit) Date shot: December 2017