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Our first artist reveal to get the party started is the collective – Riddim Nation –

They will be providing some great vibes for you at the upcoming JADE party !
Tickets are on sale here:

Established in 2015, is a collective of individuals based throughout Sydney.Their primary mission is to introduce and nurture the social aspect of dance culture within the Sydney dance community. They accomplish this by creating a presence on various platforms, raising awareness about the culture, and promoting positive vibes and connections among it’s members.

The members of Riddim Nation are practitioners of a wide range of street dance styles, including Popping, Locking, Waacking Breaking, Afro Fusion, House, Vogue and Club dance. They place a particular emphasis on the social and cultural elements inherent in these dance forms. As a collective, they engage in dance battles, ciphers, and share their unique styles at clubs and parties, further enriching the local dance scene in Sydney.

One of their long-term goals is to blend traditional cultural elements into their dance styles, incorporating storytelling and performing arts to create a distinctive contribution to Sydney’s hip-hop language and the broader street dance community. This commitment to both preserving traditional culture and contributing to the local dance scene makes riddim Nation a valuable and unique presence in the Sydney Street dance community.

La Familia:
• Jamie kha @ja.z.soul
• Molonai Makalio king__nai
• Joji Itou @joji_itou
• Azzam Hassan @shazam_jr
• Gabriela Quinsacara @gabi_quinsacara
• Chux Montano @entree3000_
• Stanley Nalo @stan_dread
• Tony Oxybel @tonytonydancer

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