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We spend time showing up to jobs for hours a day that don’t align with our dreams. We show up to positions for the long haul, neglecting the deep yearn for (those who have discovered) passions ignited within, out of a misplaced fear. It can feel as if the longer we stay in these places, the potentiality of our goals seem to become increasingly distant. But what if we took a moment to consider the result of spending the same amount of hours a day working on something that you love. What would be the fruits of our labor?

Life can often be filled with lots of habitual mindless rush that sneaks and steals from our pockets of precious time. This accumulation can result in moments and opportunities lost. Whatever your dream is, it’s not too late to start working on it. Whether you are 12, 35, 48 or 64, you can still be who you are meant to be.

Throughout this journey of life:

  • Do what you can to be healthy and take care of your vessel.
  • Commit to your passion and outwork yourself every day.
  • Be humble and be kind to yourself and others.
  • Feed yourself knowledge to gain new insights.
  • Listen to learn from others.
  • Stay away from negativity and remember that happiness is your choice.

Sending gratitude to those that took time out of their day to send messages and wishes back to me.
Remember, we are destined for greater things.

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Music and movement lover. Philomath.     Sharing growth, failures, lessons and perspectives through this journey of life. We are destined for greater things.

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