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Hey guys, hope everyone has been well. Just a quick update here. 

Apologies on the absence of training mixes; I've had some technical difficulties on my end, that need to be sorted out completely before I can start recording again. Hopefully, it should be soon.

In the meanwhile, I've been loading up my recommended albums on the site, with links to Spotify where applicable.  You can find more recommended items here.

Class Updates

As the state continues to ease restrictions, classes have starting to resume all over the state.

Crossover classes kicked off again from last Monday. You can check last week’s video below:


Street classes resume from the 22nd June 2020. 

Street classes are designed for students in a small group setting so that you can develop your dance ability, freestyle and knowledge.

Improve your fitness ability, so you can last longer! Improve your physique.

Focusing on foundations, floorwork, and footwork – guided drills and exercises are provided to develop and build style and ability for your goals!

Trial and passes can be purchased here

If you have any questions, you can contact me:

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