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Today was filled with lots of messages, wishes and love from all around the world on multiple mediums. Technology is a wonderful thing that allows us to do so much with our lives in comparison to 15 years ago. I hope that we (as a human race) use our abilities to develop technology further to be able to sustain the wellbeing and future of all walks of life on this planet.

Birthdays in particular don’t necessarily unlock any new skill sets or masteries for me, but somewhat of a reflection of the past year – who’s come, who’s stayed and who’s gone. We must be ready for change at all times – for better or worse, life is never constant.

So as each day comes to an end, I leave you with this as a reminder:

Solidify your passion and intent. Set goals and make decisions. Seek and make clarity, peace and stillness within yourself. Talk to and maintain regular contact with your Higher Self. Give to others, give to yourself and give selflessly.  Challenge yourself to refrain from staying still longer than you need to and use every moment that you can to drive forth towards your dreams. I am grateful for many opportunities this year and I am sure there will be many more to come with as many lessons to learn. Thank you for sending love and energy my way – I will see to it that this energy will keep moving towards others as I continue sending this on to pay it forward.

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Music and movement lover. Philomath.     Sharing growth, failures, lessons and perspectives through this journey of life. We are destined for greater things.

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